About Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hub
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hub (HPH) commenced its operations on the 1st March 2014. Our business came about after recognizing a market niche in the greater Southern African hydraulic and pneumatic markets for a new entry level market player with a different set of goals and objectives in the medium and long term.

Each current employee of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hub is a shareholder of the enterprise. This ensures that we have the best interests of our company and therefore our clients at heart. Collectively we have 85 years of experience in the industry. With our non-executive partners we have well over 110 years of knowledge in the varying fluid power markets niches.

We are in position to offer technical advice in both the hydraulic and pneumatic spheres. Should we receive enquiries for systems build we can fulfill this requirement with the skills we have within our company.

Level 3 BEE
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hub is a startup BEE company, with a majority BEE shareholding.

Our short to medium term objective is to exceed pending and future BEE legislation and remain in the forefront of the industry in terms of our recognition levels.

ISO Certified
Fully compliant in both ISO 9001 – 2008 and OHSA 18 000.

Our business was laid out from its inception to fully comply with laid down procedures and processes.

These are open to viewing should you visit us in the future.

SAFPA Member
Member of the South African Fluid Power Association (SAFPA), owing to our many years of industry experience.

SAFPA represents approximately 100 of the top industry players in South Africa.

Stockholding is a key element in our business strategy. We have carefully selected products from suppliers which we believe will be fully acceptable in the market place. We are building up our inventories to fully meet customer expectations going forward.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hub has secured a number of key distribution and reseller agreements to complement our product offering:


Buschjost has been successfully active for over 60 years in process valve technology.


Norgen is a leading brand of pneumatic equipment, offering an extensive range which includes ISO and inline valves, filters / regulators / lubricators, cylinders and tubing / fittings.


Galtech offer high quality aluminium gear pumps and motors, monoblock lever operated valves, sectional block lever operated valves and accessories.

Kaufmann Hydraulics

Wide range of hydraulic products sourced internationally from recognised manufacturers.

Kaufmann Pneumatics

Internationally sourced range of pneumatic equipment.


Semperit is a major manufacturer of quality hydraulic hoses. Together with their extensive range of fittings and accessories we are able to meet any requirements.


Yuken is a well-known manufacturer of industrial type hydraulic components ranging from piston pumps,vane pumps, CETOP modular valves and inline components.


OMM offers a range of inline hydraulic components able to be easily fitted to any existing system. This range includes: relief valves, over centre valves, pilot check valves, flow control valves and check valves.
Meet the Team

Zaakir Mansoor

Branch Manager

Jolene Oberholzer

Internal Sales

Adam Brown


Muhammad Zaakir Wadia

Internal sales

Lee Gough